A collection of my favorite tools for getting things done

"Life imitates art. We shape our tools and thereafter they shape us. These extensions of our senses begin to interact with our senses. These media become a massage." — Marshall McLuhan
Cursor - The AI-first Code Editor
Cursor is the IDE of the future, built for pair-programming with Powerful AI.
Klu.ai - Design, Deploy, and Optimize Generative AI Apps
Design, deploy, and optimize Generative AI apps with Klu.ai.
Raycast - Supercharged productivity
Raycast lets you control your tools with a few keystrokes. It’s designed to keep you focused.
The all-new Things. Your to-do list for Mac & iOS
Superhuman | Blazingly fast email for teams and individuals
The fastest email experience ever made. Blazingly fast, delightful, and stress free. Get 3 hours back every single week.
Warp: Your terminal, reimagined
Warp is a modern, Rust-based terminal with AI built in so you and your team can build great software, faster. Now available on MacOS.
Craft | A fresh take on documents
Get started today, it’s free.